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Bludenz, Austria – 5 Best Things To Inspire Your Visit

The alpine town of Bludenz, located in Arlberg region in Austria combines nature, culture and city life and it makes a great place to visit. I can’t really say that Bludenz is my favorite place in Austria, because there are many places that I prefer over Bludenz, but it makes a great starting point for exploring the Vorarlberg region or a great addition to your Austrian itinerary.

Bludenz is very well connected to other towns in Austria thanks to ÖBB, their railway company. There are many local trains departing from Bludenz to other places in Austria and there are also good connections with other countries, for example Germany and Switzerland.

Bludenz is a member of the small historical cities association. These are small historical gems which have preserved their uniqueness from the past times but haven’t stayed in the past.


Are you a planning a visit to the town of Bludenz and at the same time you love chocolate? Well, you’re on the right place. There is a Milka factory in this town and every day many tons of Milka chocolate products leave Bludenz. I strongly recommend you visiting the Milka Lädele experience store. There is a small museum where you can learn something about the process of making the chocolate and about the history of purple cow. It is certainly an entertaining and playful way of learning about the chocolate, one of the most loved things in the world.

The smell around the factory is really tempting and you can even smell the chocolate around the town!


Muttersberg, balcony at 1,401m above the old town, can be reach all year round with just a few minutes long cable car ride. It is popular destination on its own and also a great starting point for many mountain activities. Directly at the top, there is the Alpengasthof Muttersberg offering some stunning views, where you can grab a bite to eat.

Places like this are my go-to place whenever I need to switch off. After a walk in landscape like this, I just feel like my battery is full.

One of the best things to do up there is guided snowshoe tou. You will learn interesting information about the individual works of art and enjoy the nature and the view on the Muttersberg.

You can check working times for the cable car here.


Looking for fun activities and things to do in summer or winter? Vorarlberg region has something for you without a single doubt. From hiking and biking in summer to winter activities in snow-dusted mountains. In winter ten ski areas can be reached in only a few minutes. One of the most known ski resorts in this region are Lech & Zürs. It is clear that there is a lot to do in winter time, but summer can be just as magical (or maybe even more if you love nature, but you’re not a winter lover).

Vorarlberg is known as a hiking region. In the region around the cities of Bregenz, Dornbirn and Feldkirch, between Lake Constance and the Rhine, you can also find beautiful villas of the barons of the textile industry of the past.



The Arlberg railway is the main line between Switzerland and Austria. It is one of the highest altitude railways in Europe. Soon after leaving Zurich HB the train runs along the two Swiss lakes. The train cuts through Liechtenstein (which is also worth visiting), passing non-stop through Schaan-Vaduz station and soon enters Feldkirch in Austria. There is a 15-minute ride from Feldkirch to Bludenz. After a short time the train snakes through the Arlberg Pass with the best views generally on the right passing through the 10km long Arlberg tunnel which is also the highest part on the line. After exiting the tunnel the train descends towards Innsbruck.

If you want to pamper yourself with extra special views, make a reservation for Transalpin train from Zurich HB to Graz HBF in the Panorama car 1st class.


With the Arlberg railway I’ve managed to visit a few places on the route, including Liechtenstein, Feldkirch, Bludenz and Innsbruck and also I’ve put a lot of places on my travel list for the next time.


If you are visiting the alpine town of Bludenz and you have enough time, you should think about visiting Liechtenstein. Especially if you haven’t been to Liechtenstein yet. Liechtenstein is doubly landlocked country, often being missed out by travelers. This country is so beautiful and underrated at the same time. You should totally think about putting it on your travel list.

If you don’t have your own car, don’t worry. It is totally doable with public transport too. From Bludenz you first have to take the train to Feldkirch. Outside the train station there is a bus station with buses departing to Liechtenstein every 30 minutes.

Have you ever visited Bludenz? Maybe some other place in the Vorarlberg region? Let me know in the comments. I won’t be mad if you will share this post if you like it!


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