Liechtenstein – Europe’s little country you’ll absolutely love

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Liechtenstein is doubly-landlocked country (one of only two in the entire world – the second one is Uzbekistan) in Europe and it because of its size it is easy to miss it. So, where exactly is Liechtenstein located and why is it worth visiting?

I have previously heard about Liechtenstein but I was not really thinking about visiting this tiny country until I was planning a trip to Austrian region Arlberg. I have noticed that Liechtenstein is very close to this place and I knew that I have to make a journey there. And I have made the right decision – this country is so wonderful and underrated at the same time. I would love to spend some more time there and enjoy in the calmness of this country.

Today, I am going to give you some facts about Liechtenstein, tell you what is it like to travel in Liechtenstein and I am going to share my three favorite places in this country.

Did you know that in 1867 the prince of Liechtenstein was offered to buy Alaska from the Russian czar?


Liechtenstein is seriously small country

When I say that this country is a small country, I mean it. It is the sixth-smallest country (fourth-smallest in Europe) in the world with population of 39.000 people. The country is long and “skinny” and you could even cross the whole country on your legs in just a few hours. Most non-Europeans don’t even know that this country exists. It shares borders with Austria and Switzerland, so that’s why it makes a great location for a day-trip. But if you ask me, it is worth to stay more than one day and fully enjoy in the potential of this country.

In fact, Liechtenstein is so small that their neighbour Switzerland has managed to invade country three times in 30 years – by mistake! If you are curious about how is this possible, you can learn about it here.

Liechtenstein is among the richest countries in the world

Their unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world too. But if you want a citizenship, you will have a tough job. One of the toughest in the world, to be honest. If you manage to get a citizenship, you will have a high-quality life there. The crime in the country is almost non-existent and this country is the world’s richest country per capita. The standard of living is certainly one of the highest.

The country is perfect for hikers

Sometimes you will stumble across a sign with destination and hours. Those are walking times. If you have enough time, it makes sense to explore this country on foot. The walks offer amazing views and I could totally spend a few days there, just hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery. This country feels so calm and this is exactly what I need sometimes. I recommend you that you go exploring trails of Liechtenstein. The air feels so clean and refreshing that you will enjoy in every single breath you take.

One of the best trails for hikers is The Liechtenstein Trail, a 75km walking path, passing through all 11 municipalities. The trail is the perfect for stunning views, peaceful spots and fine food.

Public transport is great & efficient

If you don’t like walking, you can see the most country in one day, even if you don’t have your own car. Public transport in efficient and also cheap. It depends on how much of the country you want to see, but you will not pay more than 12 CHF for a day ticket. This is the price for all zones, but you can also buy the ticket for 1, 2 or 3 zones. The lime green buses will literally take you anywhere in the country and they are one the best ways for exploring the country.

I have bought my ticket in the Feldkirch train station (the ticket office is located right next to the train station). The Liemobil buses depart from Feldkirch train station (they make 2 or 3 stops in the town too so you can hop on the bus there) and they run all the way across Liechtenstein to neighbouring Switzerland. Also, this is why Liechtenstein makes it a great day-trip option from Switzerland. If you are coming from Zurich, you have to take a train to Sargans and then take a bus number 11 with direction Feldkirch.

You can get your passport stamped in the post office

Come on and tell me in how many places did you get your passport stamped in the post-office? When I heard that you can get a stamp, it was no-brainer for me. I love collecting stamps in my passport! This time the way to get this stamp, was a bit different that I am used to. You can go to the post office in capital town of Vaduz (pronounced vaa-doots) and you have to pay 3 CHF for the stamp. It is a unique souvenir, right?

Best places to visit in Liechtenstein

If you ask me, the whole country is worth visiting, especially if you love nature, mountains and peacefullness. I did not know what to expect but I was surprised in a positive way. I have been from north to south and I can say that I have seen pretty much of Liechtenstein. Let me show you the top 3 places that I loved the most and I think they are worth visiting.


Balzers is a village in the southern part of Liechtenstein and it is a home to Burg Gutenberg, a castle on a hill, built in the 12th century. Gutenberg castle is one of the castles that have survived the ruins of time. The castle is located on a 70-meter high rock and you can access it via road. The views in the Balzers are absolutely stunning – the castle can be seen from far away and it does not matter in which direction you are looking, the backdrop is amazing!

balzers gutenberg


Schaan is the biggest town in the country and we have visited it on our way back to Feldkirch. We did a walk around the town while waiting for the bus. The main sight in Schaan is the church located on a small hill. You can make a quick stop there, take a walk around the town and then head forward on your way.



Vaduz is a capital and a place where the most visitors go when visiting Liechtenstein. It is certainly worth visiting. All of the attractions are within walking distance – Kunstmuseum, a pedestrian street Städtle (which means small town) with cafés & restaurants, the Liechtenstein center and post office where you can get your passport stamped for 3 CHF.

In the capital town you can admire the Vaduz Castle, the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein that sits 120 meters above Vaduz. The castle is closed to visitors as it is a current residence. But you can still walk up to the castle.

vaduz liechtenstein
vaduz rathaus

Liechtenstein is beautiful country with pristine nature, spectacular views, friendly citizens and fresh air. I warmly recommend you that you put this country on your list, if you haven’t do it already, particulary if you find yourself in neighbouring countries. I must say that visiting Liechtenstein was a very pleasant experience and I would love to go back for a few days.

Have you been to Liechtenstein yet? What are your thoughts about it? Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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  • Sharyn
    February 11, 2023

    I did visit Liechtenstein when I went on an organised tour through Europe. I’m sure I visited Vaduz, but really cannot remember. As you say, it is small, so I think I need to return and spend more time there!

    • Jasmina
      February 11, 2023

      If you ever find yourself nearby, it’s worth putting on your travel list. I bet you’re gonna love it!

  • Jeanine
    February 11, 2023

    Oh how wonderful, this country has been on our list for our next Europe trip and seeing this has just built the desire to go tenfold…thank you for so much great information…

    • Jasmina
      February 11, 2023

      Love it – I think it’s a great country to put on a list for Europe trip. Thank you!

  • simplyjolayne
    February 11, 2023

    Such an awesome tip about getting the passport stamped in the Post Office. We almost visited last year, but will try again. Great points for planning an itinerary.

    • Jasmina
      February 11, 2023

      It was such a fun thing to do. I hope that you will make it this time and I hope that the weather will serve you, because it’s a real gem when it’s sunny.

  • Stephanie
    February 11, 2023

    That place looks lovely. It’s like a storybook little country guy can walk through. Thank you for sharing its history.

    • Jasmina
      February 11, 2023

      You have described it perfectly!

  • Terri
    February 11, 2023

    I absolutely must visit this little country tucked between the borders of Switzerland and Austria. I can’t believe you can walk across the country in one day!

    • Jasmina
      February 11, 2023

      It’s a stunning little country. Yeah, right? I was confused when I saw those signs and shocked when I found out that you can walk across the whole country!

  • Alanna
    February 11, 2023

    Great little guide to Liechtenstein! I’ve only driven through it but what a cute country!

    • Jasmina
      February 12, 2023

      It’s such a lovely country!

  • Laureen
    February 12, 2023

    Many years ago we drove through Liechtenstein on a European road trip…but we did not spend any time there! Your photos are really beautiful and as a hiker I think I would love it. So , hopefully I can get back there in the future.

    • Jasmina
      February 12, 2023

      Oh, I believe that you would love it as a hiker. I would also love to get back one day and spend some more time there.

  • Mayi
    February 12, 2023

    Thanks for the guide. It’s nic to read about this little country. I have been intrigued by Liechtenstein and another small country starting with the letter L. I would love to visit both.
    PS: thanks for the tips about getting you passport stamped (it’s a shame not getting any stamp when visiting European countries)

    • Jasmina
      February 12, 2023

      Liechtenstein is one of the hidden gems in Europe. I would love to visit some other small countries too.
      Yes, I agree… I love passport stamps and I’m disappointed that I don’t get any stamp in Europe 🙂

  • Hannah
    February 12, 2023

    You don’t hear about Liechtenstein too often! I looked it up on Google Maps and wow it’s a tiny country. Love how you can get your passport stamped at their post office. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jasmina
      February 12, 2023

      Yes, it’s really tiny country – I had no idea that it is SO tiny! I loved it.

  • Krista
    February 12, 2023

    I’ve always wanted to travel to this country to see all of the amazing historic sites. A hike sounds like a great idea too in the summer!

    • Jasmina
      February 19, 2023

      It is such a beautiful country, I had no idea!

  • Goya Galeotta
    February 13, 2023

    I have to be honest, while the idea of visiting Liechtenstein (en route from one country to the other) has crossed my mind once or twice, I had no idea what it had to offer. I really enjoyed this introduction (and the beautiful pictures). Thanks for sharing this!

    • Jasmina
      February 19, 2023

      This is a great way of visiting Liechtenstein too – don’t hesitate about visiting Liechtenstein.

  • Denise
    February 14, 2023

    I went on a day trip to Liechtenstein but would love to return!

    • Jasmina
      February 19, 2023

      You’re not the only one, I would to return too!