Geographical location: Europe
Neighbouring countries: Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Greece
Capital city: Tirana
Major cities: Tirana, Shköder, Durrës, Vlorë, Berat, Gjirokaster
Population: 2,8 million people
Language: official language is Albanian, but English is widely-spoken
Currency: ALL (Albanian Lek) – 1€ = 100 LEK (July 2024)
Top attractions: The Blue Eye, Dajti Mountain & Cable Car, Llogara Pass, Kruja Old Bazaar, Valbona National Park, Theth National Park, Lake Koman ferry & Shala River, BunkArt Tirana, Berat, Gjirokaster, Butrint National Park, Dhërmi Beach, Karaburun Peninsula
Best time to visit: during the late spring (May & June) and early autumn (September & October)
Cuisine: Byrek, tavë kosi, pastice, qofte, flia, Fërgesë Tirane
Getting around: Buses & furgons, rent-a-car (recommended)
Health & safety: Albania is very safe with low crime rates. Ensure you have travel insurance and stay updated on any health advisories.

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