The Elegant Wanderer is a travel blog written by a female traveler, sharing her stories & tips from journeys around the world to help other travelers. I am also here to help solo female travelers who are in doubt about traveling to a certain destination.

The blog was created in 2019 as a community for anyone who loves to travel, follows travel related stories or need travel advice.

If you love to travel and you are one of the people mentioned above, you’ll feel right at home here. You can expect to get a lot of travel inspiration here. I will share travel guides based on my personal experiences and you can expect to get an insight into what the journey of female travelers looks like. As a food lover, I will present you world’s culinary through my eyes.

I have always loved to travel and my passion for traveling grew in 2016 when I went on my first trip that was out of my comfort zone. Since then, I devoted all my free time to travel and later I decided to share my passion and experience with like-minded people.

I realized that going to college, getting a good job, marriage with the “right one” and children is not my idea of being fullfilled and happy. Society’s idea of ​​”success” is also not my idea of ​​a successful life that makes you happy.

So, who is the person behind The Elegant Wanderer blog? My name is Jasmina and I’m a twenty-something year old girl, originally from Maribor, small town in beautiful Slovenia. I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and I feel lucky for that. I am a person who is in love with life and who travels the world as much as she can. I would like to turn this passion into a full-time job.

Many years ago I fell in love with traveling, meeting new cultures and trying all this amazing food all over the world and since then my passion has only become bigger and bigger.

What is my type of travel?

I’m a Libra, do you really expect me to have a particular type of travel? Jokes aside, I really don’t have a particular type of travel. You can find me backpacking around the world, driving in furgons with locals on the Albanian roads and sometimes you can also spot me laying under the palm tree, sipping coctails and living my best life. I can do both, it depends on my needs in the certain period of life. Sometimes my trips are more of a relaxed version and sometimes there’s a lot of adventure. But one thing doesn’t change – I love to eat and I love so many different types of cuisine. I love trying different local foods and besides that I love discovering amazing cafés and patisseries.

I would identify myself as a slow traveler – I don’t want to rush through countries and check them off the list. I love to get off the beaten path and do some non-touristy stuff.

My goal is to visit every continent and every single country on our beautiful planet. But I don’t want to just count countries – I want to slowly explore this countries and get a fully experience.

I’m very open person so you can freely ask me anything or you can give me a suggestion. I will be very happy if you will follow me on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. You can also show me some support with sharing my content.