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Is Frigiliana really the prettiest village in Andalucia?

Welcome to Frigiliana, one of those white villages in Southern Spain that often makes it to the 10 most beautiful villages in Spain. Is Frigiliana really one of the prettiest villages in Andalucia? It’s hard to say, because I obviously haven’t visited every single one of them, but it’s really beautiful and it is a great option for a day trip. It’s located 5km from Nerja and about 70km away from Malaga and it’s offering one of the most incredible views of the Costa del Sol. If you are not sure how to plan your itinerary for Frigiliana and what to do there, then this post is for you.

White villages of Andalucia

White villages can be found all over Andalucia. Many of the villages were once fortresses that marked the dividing line between Moorish and Christian rule. For this reason, a lot of white villages have names that end in “de la Frontera” or “of the frontier.”

Known for their dramatic landscapes and narrow winding lanes, these charming white villages were painted white during the Roman occupation to help them stay cool during the long hot summers. 

There are many white villages (so called pueblos blancos) all around Andalucia and Frigiliana might be one of the best to see. There are many more hidden gems to see and they have one thing in common – they are all very charming and picturesque. The easiest way to explore them is by car as they are a bit harder to reach, but it’s still doable with public transport. For example it’s very easy to get to Frigiliana from Nerja by public transport. There are a few buses every day departing from Nerja and back.

I believe that every single village is worth the visit, but I would suggest you to visit also Setenil de las Bodegas, Zahara de la Sierra, Grazalema and Ronda. Ronda is not officially one of them, but it’s very close and totally worth the visit. If you are limited in time you can visit more villages in one day.

The best things to do in Frigiliana

Frigiliana is filled with Mudejar and Moorish architecture, white-washed buildings decorated with pretty flowers. The village is quite small and can be explored in a couple of hours. That’s why it makes a perfect option for a day trip. I did it as a half-day trip from Nerja and I’ve had enough time to explore everything.

Frigiliana offers you the opportunity to slow down and enjoy in the simplicity. You can plan your day in advance, but a visit is already complete by arriving. Frigiliana has lots of narrow cobbled streets, stepped streets and pretty views.

Stroll through the village

There is beauty in simplicity. This is perfect description for the simple act of wandering around Frigiliana. You don’t need itinerary for a visit. There are multiple points of interest to look out for and to snap some pretty shots. As you walk around look out for Fuente Vieja (old fountain), San Antonio Church, Vista Panoramica and Castillo Lizar for example. I would recommend you wearing good shoes so you can move easily.

The Barribarto is the old town of Frigiliana. This is where you’ll find the famous narrow streets with their white houses and eye-catching doors. Some of the streets can be quite steep so expect to be sweating if it is hot. If you will visit during summer months, it will be hot, so you should come earlier.

Frigiliana’s doors are one of the most popular tourist places for taking photos. Many are painted in blue which makes them stand out.

Look out for the 12 ceramic tiles

There are 12 historic ceramic tiles hidden on the walls of the cobbled streets. Each plaque is a visual story of Moorish settlements, uprisings and battles in the area.

Browse the shops

There are colourful shops all around the village and you won’t be able to resist stepping in. You can look up and pick some beautiful artistic and handmade items. Frigiliana is known for its Artesian products made in Spain and it’s hard to leave without buying something.

Visit Festival de Tres Culturas

This festival takes place on the last weekend of August every year and is one of the most popular tourist attractions around. If you find yourself in Frigiliana or somewhere near, this is a must-see. You’ll find the streets packed with people in the evening enjoying the live music and the markets.

Getting to Frigiliana

Frigiliana is located 5km from Nerja and 50km from Malaga. You have the option of driving, taking a bus or taxi.

There are no direct buses from Malaga to Frigiliana, but there are many buses from Malaga to Nerja, which is a stunning coastal town. Bus ride will cost you 5€ and the ride will take about 1 hour 30 minutes. From Nerja there are a few daily buses to Frigiliana. The price of one-way bus ticket is 1,20€.

Whether you have your own car or you’re thinking of renting one, driving from Malaga to Frigiliana is easy. I’ve been using the public transport only and I’ve seen a good part of Andalucia. You can book your bus rides in advance on ALSA page. The buses are comfortable and reliable.

Once you’re there the easiest and best way to get around is on foot. There is little to no public transport in the town so you don’t really have a lot of options. Most of the streets and alleys are so narrow that they’re inaccessible by car. The old town, which is the most beautiful and popular part of the town is only accessible on foot.

Have you ever visited Frigiliana or any other white village? I love visiting European villages and Andalucian villages are certainly one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

I think that you must put at least one white village on your Andalucia itinerary if you have enough time.


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