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Bosnia and Herzegovina

When I think of Bosnia, many beautiful memories cross my mind. I still remember my first trip to Sarajevo like it was yesterday.

How could I not have remembered it if the police had brought me to the hotel. What an event! You may be wondering how this is possible. After a long night on traveling to Sarajevo, we arrived there really tired and exhausted. On top of that, we had to find accommodation, which in the days before Google Maps used to be quite a task. We asked several locals for the address of the hotel, but no one knew exactly, and we only got partially correct directions. After some time searching, we came across two policemen and asked them for directions, and they kindly decided to give us a lift to the hotel. Of course, the next morning all the neighbours knew that the police had brought the guests. That’s one of the charm of the Balkans.

Even without such a story, Bosnia would be etched in my memory and, above all, in my heart. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a difficult and dark history. It has not been many years since the Balkan wars, but there is no sense that they have lived through such horrors. The Bosnians are one of the kindest and most hospitable people I have ever met. They are happy to welcome you and to help you with anything. I fell in love with the country on my first visit and have returned often.

Bosnia is very diverse country in the terms of cultural aspects. In Bosnia & Herzegovina, there are three main ethnicties – Bosnians, Serbs and Croats. It’s a bit complicated to understand this whole situation that has led to the conflict in the 90’s. Like I’ve mentioned before, the history of Bosnia is tough, but I’m here to show you the positive side of this amazing country, full of kind people, beautiful nature & lovely cities.



When I think of Bosnian food, I become hungry instantly. I love traditional Bosnian dishes and I could eat them all day long when I’m there. There are so many delicious food, like ćevapi, burek (typically with meat, if it’s with cheese then it’s called sirnica, with cheese & spinach is called zeljanica and with potato is called krompiruša), sudžukice, baklavas, tulumbas, Bosnian coffee, Begova ćorba and so many more. Drooling. I haven’t tried a single dish in Bosnia that I didn’t like. Even their bakeries offer so many delicious things that you can’t decide on what to try.

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